For U.K.-based businesses, Admin for Hire allows you to have an associate whose sole function is to assist you in addressing the needs of your business in the States. In addition to the typical administrative tasks that are a part of conducting business, it is an asset to have someone keeping you apprised of the ever-changing business climate in your designated demographic, and identifying changing trends as they happen.

Having lived and worked in the U.S. and the U.K., Ms. Putnam is uniquely positioned to be an invaluable asset to U.K. businesses seeking to enter the American marketplace (or vice versa).

Conducting business abroad can be a daunting prospect. Familiarity with the business etiquette and protocol of both the U.S. and the U.K. can contribute greatly to a successful outcome.

A "State-side" contact person representing your company gives you a presence "on the ground," while not being a burden to your fixed operating expenses.

Admin for Hire can render considerable leverage when venturing or expanding into the vast U.S. marketplace. This can be done by acting as the liaison between you and your American clientele, as well as being a networking resource, connecting you to the contacts you need for your company. This gives you the professional edge necessary to succeed in the markets on both sides of the Atlantic.