Why is Admin For Hire your best choice for All your Administrative Tasks?

Admin for Hire is an LLC owned and operated by Kathlyn Putnam, an administrative expert with over 20 years experience delivering professional administrative services to a wide variety of businesses large and small in the greater Detroit area and in the U.K.

As a small business owner, Ms. Putnam understands the many challenges of maximizing time and resources to successfully run a small business.

All successful executives, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople share an asset in common which gives them a distinct advantage, and that is an assistant dedicated solely to helping them target their objectives. A rapport established with an assistant allows you to relay what is needed and hand projects off with confidence, knowing they will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

No longer is a competent, professional assistant a luxury that only high-level executives at large corporations can afford. See how much further your business can go and grow with an assistant who is focused on helping you meet and exceed your business goals.

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Would you like to Save Time, Improve Efficiency, Present a Polished, Professional Image of your Business, and Multiply your Bottom Line?


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